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We love finding solutions to complex problems

IAAS fosters an environment for scientists to tackle wicked real-world problems in related scientific fields.

What We Are

IAAS is a leading center for interdisciplinary research into the financial economy. We answer fundamental questions about financial markets, and develop new quantitative methods and insights with the potential to transform them. Our researchers have leading experience in fields that include mathematics, economics, computation, statistics, law, engineering and data science. Their work has shed new light on subjects that range from identifying hidden risks and uncertainties in the financial system to extracting valuable information from noisy market data-streams.


We form a bridge between academia and industry. Our co-founder and strongest industrial supporter is Actuarial Management Corporation, whose research laboratory shares our building and whose staff work closely with IAAS researchers to share expertise and identify areas for future investigation. We are now broadening our industry relationships. We have established strategic relationships with other financial institutions, including major investment banks, insurers and consumer finance companies. A key priority is strengthening these relationships and forging new ones, enabling stronger engagement with business needs and better access to important private data. We share our work through journal articles, working papers, conferences and seminars

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