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IAAS Research

Academic advisers and an academic advisory board make up part of IAAS' DNA. Their research is fundamental to our success.


"My actuarial career began with the naive belief that anything could be mathematically modeled, that model-based prediction was only limited by the sophistication of our models and the degree of our intellect..."

"Even with the recent slowdown, SPACs still remain an area of regulatory concern. SPACs are part of the SEC’s 2021 regulatory agenda."

"Our recent research on SPACs has led us to believe that the SEC is definitely incompetent enough to allow it to happen and has led to financial harm to not only ourselves but to the public as a whole who unknowingly invested in such a complex instrument cooked up by Wall Street."

"I worked for a Property & Casualty insurer in Seattle. It was my first year out of college. My desk covered with exam problems. My stress level low, still 7 weeks before my exam. My boss walks up..."

"While efficient market hypothesis principles are irrational, behavioral finance principles are rational; the adaptive market hypothesis tries to reconcile the two."

"We will replicate that valuation, but instead of deriving the value of the option mathematically, we are going to generate 1000 paths through Monte Carlo simulation."

"This rise in interest has put focus on the characteristic pricing of green bonds, questioning whether the “green” feature entails a yield premium with respect to conventional bonds."

"An important component of our modeling is the way we monetize risk by exploiting the exponential property of capital growth. Exponentials trump risk."

"Uncertainty seems to be the antithesis of information. However, real information should tell us something that we don't already know."

"Fuentist probability or frequentism is an interpretation of probability; it defines an event's probability as the limit of its relative frequency."

"The riskmatician's CI should focus on the benefit to customers only. Not shareholders, employees, rating agencies... just customers."

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