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IAAS Research

Academic advisers and an academic advisory board make up part of IAAS' DNA. Their research is fundamental to our success.


"My actuarial career began with the naive belief that anything could be mathematically modeled, that model-based prediction was only limited by the sophistication of our models and the degree of our intellect..."

"I worked for a Property & Casualty insurer in Seattle. It was my first year out of college. My desk covered with exam problems. My stress level low, still 7 weeks before my exam. My boss walks up..."


Monetize Risk with Exponentials                                                                                                                      Oct 17, 2018

A Reality Check For Predictive Models                                                                                                           Oct 01, 2018

What Market Information Should I Pay Attention To?                                                                                   Sep 05, 2018

Probability Interpretations                                                                                                                                Sep 04, 2018

Fundamental Principle 3 for Riskmaticians                                                                                                     Sep 01, 2018

RiskMatician Commander's Intent (RCI)                                                                                                          Sep 01, 2018

Riskmatician / riSK'me'tiSHen / (noun)                                                                                                           Aug 23, 2018

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