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The Institute of Applied Actuarial Science


IAAS is changing scientific research

IAAS is concerned with probability interpretations, data, quantities, structures, models, change, decision, and Information Theory. IAAS funds mathematical scientists who, with their specialized knowledge and professional methodology tackle the many wicked problems presented in related scientific fields. IAAS is a Nonprofit Organization that conducts applied research in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

The explosion of available data, computing power, and breakthroughs in applied mathematics are leading to predictive models applied to an ever-expanding universe of potential applications.

"One of the greatest gifts of my career was to work with the caliber of talent at IAAS."

 - Mike Demeer Ph.D.- 

“My time working with IAAS was one of the most rewarding experiences because their research covers such a broad domain of interesting problems.”

 - Sai Mann, FSA - 

"It wasn't until working with IAAS that I fully understood the power of how abstract mathematics  could impact our daily lives."

 - Xinyi Shu, Ph.D. - 

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